Overburden (2012)
Overburden (2012)
Overburden (2012)

Overburden presents a glimpse of life in the coal fields of West Virginia. The work is comprised of footage of active and abandoned surface mines juxtaposed with video portraits of activists, local residents, and miners. Overburden creates a space where the viewer can simply look at and take in the human and natural elements inherent in energy production in the United States. Through extended video portraits viewers can reflect on the people and through landscape portraits viewers are given the natural, eternal environment around them. This is not a case where some people are evil and others are good, but where everyone has specific influences informing them, specific concerns of their own, and specific ways of being a citizen in today’s world.

With Donna and Charles Branham, Larry Gibson, Rob Goodwin and Julian Martin.

Overburden (excerpt)

HD video/stereo sound/variable dimensions
Full RT: 18:31

Overburden is also exhibited as a dual channel installation