Site: Yizkor
  Site: Sorel  is a meditation on the real and imaginary spaces left behind by the dead. In this work, Ciarrocchi conjures an image of Barbara Sorel, an author and fixture of the 1990’s lesbian bar scene in New York City. Sorel, as she was called by her friends, sold drugs to support her writing and was tragically murdered in her East Village apartment in 1999. Some of her writing remains and an  obituary  appeared in the Village Voice following her murder. Apart from this and the memories of friends, she is largely forgotten by history. Combining these memories with Ciarrocchi's own, and by utilizing text from Sorel's self-published book  Sorel in Love , the exhibition merges language with image to reveal where the two women’s experiences intersect and collide.
A Greater Plan (2017)
Frei (excerpt)
Overburden (2012)
I'm Nobody! Who Are You? New York Live Arts (2012)