World Blows by Maya Ciarrocchi


I shot this video from my parents apartment in Westbeth as we huddled together that morning with the windows flung open, unable to do anything but stare out of them. Eventually we went for a walk down the west side highway until we could go no further. The irony was my parents watched WTC being built in ’71 and always hated the towers. 

I saved the file as, “world blows”, a seemingly fitting title for an event that forever altered my/our city and the world. I have never posted these videos anywhere publicly until now. It didn’t seem appropriate. Even filming them initially felt like a violation. I turned the camera off before the towers fell. 

I decided to post these today as I had the sudden realization that the events of 9/11 are the catalyst for my current work about loss and erasure. I hold you all close on this day of remembrance.

How do we honor the spaces left by the dead?