Community Dreams of Water, 2022, Cyanotype on Paper, 12 x 14.5 inches

Community Dreams for Water

The text below has been generated by visitors to the exhibition Muscota, Mosholu, Tibbetts Brook at Wave Hill, Bronx NY.

Text will be aggregated during the exhibition and continuously updated here.

I dream of clear, clean, safe, and crisp drinkable water for humans and animals alike, an oasis for rejuvenation and places free from human contact, access to our Hudson waterfront, an unending supply of fresh, crystal clear, clean H2O for drinking, cooling, floating, and sustaining all life in the future access to clean water balance in our water may the reservoirs stay full across our lands less bottled water, streams, oceans and peace water play for everyone access to clean water daylight Tibbetts Brook clean water flowing through my hair as I swim through the depths of the sea, frogs and salamanders in Van Cortlandt Park restocked with native fish rivers full of healthy fish, frogs and worms not only for the privileged, trees are reverse waterfalls paused in mid-crash crystal clear water to swim and drink right out of the pond pure flying above the clean, crisp glacial lake an eagle dives to catch a trout, water suitable for all life clean and safe for everyone resplendent and free salmon swimming upstream, thick and sure in the cold. clean river, the home they remember though they've never been there, so many that you could walk across the river, one bank to the other, in the riparian shade among the oaks and ancient stones covered in dark moss, cool and fast under my feet so deep in my bones that never saw, yet remember